Weekend Links


As we see the final gasps of summer, I hope you leave much time in your weekend for Topo Chico and tacos (or taco bowls). Texas forever. Topo forever. Tacos forever.

Here’s a round-up of what I’ve enjoyed from around the Web. Have a great weekend!

Officially obsessed with the leopard print midi skirt lewk.

And so is everyone else, apparently.

True Confessions from The Cut

A quirky and hilariously profound article about poop, adolescence, and inevitable maturity.

Un-Fancy: Breaking the Rules & Wearing White into Fall

Caroline of Un-Fancy shows how we can all use incorporate white in our Fall wardrobes. Break those rules!


A lovely coffee table book featuring gorgeous photographs of invertebrates.

Vulture’s list of the best of 2018 TV (so far)

Chris and I are loving Maniac and we’re big fans of The Americans. (Keri Russell deserved that Emmy!) We’re currently looking for our next show, and my official vote is to dive into Sharp Objects.

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