Desert Road Trip: West Texas, Arizona, & New Mexico

Chris and I (and Honey!) took a little desert road trip last Thanksgiving, and this year I’m reminiscing hard. We are planning to stay in town for the holidays this year, but it sure is fun to revisit past trips.

Last year around this time I felt the need for a getaway and a desert road trip fit the bill. I find the desert to be restorative, and it was just fun to hit the road, listen to a great audiobook, and slow down just a bit before the rush of the holiday season.

I’ve put together a little photo travelogue if you’d like to take a look…

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2 Weeks in a Carry-on: How to Pack Carry-on Only for an Overseas Trip

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Packing carry-on only is the way Chris and I prefer to travel: It’s light, it’s easy, and it saves time.

I used to think it was too difficult to pack everything I’d need in a carry-on, but I’ve changed my tune. Think it will be too hard? Challenge yourself: just to plan to pack in your carry-on. Seriously. Just say that you will and then do it. Amazingly, I still always overpack even with the limited space.

Here are guidelines I follow to make sure I pack well for each trip…

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Visiting Amsterdam: Amsterdam City Guide


Amsterdam City Guide

Last summer, Chris and I spent three weeks in Europe. We toured northern Italy during our first week (in Milan, Florence, Bolzano, and Verona to be specific) and our final week was a road trip along the southern coast of Iceland. But this post is about the second leg of our trip: five days in Amsterdam!

I’ve put together some notes from our trip to the “Venice of the North” if you’d like to see…

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