Good Skin After 30?


Are other people’s day-to-day routines interesting to anyone else? I love pulling back the curtain to see which beauty products my friends use for their daily skin practices. If you’re curious, I’ve shared my regimen here.

I have dry skin, which meant minimal pimples as a teen, but now that I’m 33 I worry that my dry skin will encourage wrinkles and fine lines at a quicker pace. I’ve certainly noticed fine lines appearing around my eyes and mouth and on my forehead in the past few years.

Aging is part of the deal (and it’s certainly better than the alternative), but I’d like to age gracefully and pump the brakes as I head into my mid-thirties.

About a year ago I read an article about the proper order for applying skin products, which really helped my skin improve — I had been applying my moisturizer before my serum, which was preventing proper absorption! This is what they call a lightbulb moment. Since then, I’ve established a nightly routine, and my skin has benefitted from regular maintenance and applying the right products in the right order.


I wash my face every night with TULA’s super gentle Purifying Cleanser. I’ve heard that it’s best to wash your face twice: once to remove makeup and a second time to remove dirt and oil.


I exfoliate once a week with my Clarisonic Mia 2. I just use one dollop of cleanser on the brush, and my face feels so soft afterward!


I use Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel toner after I exfoliate, and I spot treat pimples with Bragg’s apple cider vinegar.


I use two serums.

First, I use two pumps of Neutrogena Retinol Serum on my “problem areas”: my forehead, under my eyes, and around my mouth. I use Neutrogena because it’s pretty darn cheap for a retinol serum and I can order it from Amazon.

Next, I use TULA’s Illuminating Serum on my whole face. It’s a little expensive, but I make it last 6 months by using only one pump per day.


After my serum soaks in, I apply TULA’s Hydrating Day & Night Cream, which goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly.

In the morning, sometimes my face needs more moisturizer if you can believe it. (I told you I have dry skin!) I use Trader Joe’s light Antioxidant Moisturizer under my makeup when I need that extra hit of moisturizer in the morning.

Which products do you use to keep your skin looking great?

If you’re interested in trying TULA (which I wholeheartedly recommend), you can get 20% off your first order by using this link.

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