The 9 Health and Beauty Items I Always Buy from Trader Joe’s

I am seriously obsessed with Trader Joe’s, as evidenced here. I love their quirky layouts and their amazing and affordable products. Here are 9 items of the health and beauty variety that always seem to wind up in my cart.

Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

A super hydrating hair mask that’s under $4? Seemed too good to be true, but this mask lives up to the hype. Since it contains shea, coconut, and Argan oils, be prepared for a heavy and deeply moisturizing conditioner, which is the perfect formula for my thick and wavy hair.

Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash

The best body wash, hands-down. The tea tree and peppermint oil extract leave you — well, tingly — but never too dry. Love it!

Nourish All-In-One Facial Cleanser

A facial cleanser that’s gentle enough for those with sensitive skin to use every day.

Nourish Oil-Free Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer

I use this light moisturizer every morning under my sunscreen primer and makeup. It’s not moisturizing enough for my nighttime routine but it gives me the moisture boost I need in the a.m.

Rich Hydrating Face Sheet Mask

I picked up this sheet mask on a recent trip to TJ’s on a whim. After traveling, long days in the sun, and definitely not enough water, my skin can use a lot of help with hydration these days! After using this mask, my skin was dewy and hydrated. I’ll definitely grab another pack on my next trip to keep on hand.

Nourish Antioxidant Facial Serum

Topical Vitamin C is a great way to boost your skin’s collagen production. It’s $10 and has a light citrusy scent.

Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

I actually bought this moisturizer for Chris! He’s made a point to take better care of his skin but didn’t want to splurge on fancy products. This gel moisturizer is under $9 and is perfect for nighttime hydration. It’s quickly gained a bit of a cult following with many claiming it’s a dupe for the $175 La Mer! *gasp!*

Moisturizing Shave Cream

Chris loves this lux-feeling shave cream when he’s sans beard.

Trader Joe’s Nourish Spray Sunscreen

I love this spray sunscreen for intense sun days, and it’s cheaper than the same generic stuff at Target! I do prefer Supergoop! and Sun Bum sunscreens, but in the summer we go through a lot of sunscreen and this is a great and inexpensive option.

I’ve linked to Amazon listings for each of these but just so you can see the packaging. You’ve been warned: Amazon sellers’ prices for Trader Joe’s loot is a racket!

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