Weekend Links


Happy weekend! I stumbled on this great mural in the Foundry District last week. Love it!

Here’s a round-up of what I’ve enjoyed from around the Web…

Austin Kleon: On Quitting Social Media
Austin Kleon blogged some of his thoughts on what social media is and how to best use it to actually gain from the experience instead of simply passing time on the many platforms available to us. Kleon links to Cal Newport’s article “Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It” for The New York Times, which is worth a read and a conversation.

Kleon’s right when he says:

“These networks are fun, but you’re deluding yourself if you think that Twitter messages, posts and likes are a productive use of your time.”

This blog is kind of half social media… I can post here and connect with those who like its content, but I control what and when I post without being bombarded with any other content in order to get on. I deactivated my Facebook account in 2016 to seek out other, more positive social media experiences and I rarely get on Twitter. I do use Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads, which I can certainly use as timewasters. Overall, though, I think making the switch has helped me be more mindful of how I’m spending my time online.

LitHub: 9 Great American Novels by Authors Born in Other Countries
A fascinating look at what makes a novel “American.” As a teacher of American literature, I love having this conversation with my students, and our answers run the gamut.

Emily Temple uses John Scalzi’s qualities to narrow the scope of what makes a book a Great American Novel: ubiquity, notability, and morality. It’s arguable that a non-American can express these ideals better than one who has grown up in the culture.

Of those on the list, I’ve read (and loved) Art Spiegelman’s Maus series and Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, and I can’t wait to read Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah.

Style Bee: Victoria City Guide + What to Pack
Chris and I are heading to Seattle for my last weekend before my in-service this August, and we’re including a day trip on the ferry to Victoria. I’m so excited! Lee of Style Bee just posted this great city and packing guide, which I’m pumped to use as the starting point for planning our trip.

Mural Wallpaper
Chris and I will be moving into our new house soon, and I’m so excited to start decorating! One idea I have is a fun mural-style wallpaper for a focal-point wall.

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