How to Have a Good Attitude About Going Back to Work After a Vacation

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When I meet new people and tell them I work in education, the first thing they usually mention is how awesome it must be to get summers off. I can’t disagree — it’s wonderful. But having all that time off can make it difficult to go back to work full time, especially in a profession that requires so much of me

In my first few years, I would get blue at the start of July and bemoan the fact that I must return to exhausting days of teaching, planning, grading, talking, etc. I would think, I love my job. Why am I so anxious to go back to work? I felt so guilty about enjoying my summer that I prevented myself from enjoying the last few weeks of my time off. What?

After several years of practice, I’ve identified a process that makes it easier for me to return to work in August with a good attitude. I’ve shared my steps and goals here, and I hope they are helpful for you if you also find that your transition back to work is difficult after returning from a lovely vacation you don’t want to end.

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