Good Skin After 30?


Are other people’s day-to-day routines interesting to anyone else? I love pulling back the curtain to see which beauty products my friends use for their daily skin practices. I thought it would be fun to share my regimen here if you’d like to take a look…

I’ve always had dry skin, which meant minimal pimples as a teen, but now that I’m 32 I worry that my dry skin will encourage wrinkles and fine lines at a quicker pace. I’ve certainly noticed fine lines appearing around my eyes and mouth and on my forehead in the past few years.

I know that aging is part of the deal (and it’s certainly better than the alternative), but I’d like to age gracefully and pump the brakes as I head into my mid-thirties.

I’m pretty good at sticking with my nightly routine, and I believe my skin has benefitted from the regularity. In the past year, I’ve found a routine that works well for me, and I’ve noticed a difference in how healthy my skin feels.


TJs All in One Cleanser

All-in-One Facial Cleanser

I use Trader Joe’s All-in-One Facial Cleanser every night to wash my face. I love this cleanser because it’s cheap, I can grab it on my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s, and it’s super gentle. I’ve heard that it’s best to wash your face twice: once to remove makeup and a second time to remove dirt and oil. Clarisonic Mia

Clarisonic Mia

I use my Clarisonic once a week to exfoliate. (I just use one dollop of the TJ’s All-in-One cleanser on the brush.) My face feels so soft afterward! I picked up the Mia during the Nordstrom sale a few months ago, and I highly recommend it.

Moisturizer and Anti-AgingBotanics Facial OilBotanics Facial Oil

I learned about this amazing facial oil from Brooke White’s Instagram, and it’s changed my life! Thank you, Brooke! I use 3-4 drops of this oil right after I get out of the shower. I was a little worried about putting an oil directly on my face, but I’ve only noticed an improvement in my skin. I don’t know that I’d recommend it for oily skin, but it certainly works for my dry skin.
Neutragena Retinol Serum

Neutrogena Retinol Serum

As my last step, I use a retinol serum on my “problem areas.” I slather a few pumps of this Neutrogena serum on my forehead, under my eyes, and around my mouth. I use Neutrogena because it’s pretty darn cheap for a retinol serum, and I can order it from Amazon. I think I’ve noticed that it’s softened my fine lines, especially on my forehead.

TJs Antioxidant Moisturizer

Trader Joe’s Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer

In the morning, I usually wake up with a need for more moisturizer if you can believe it (I told you I have dry skin!). I use this Trader Joe’s light Antioxidant Moisturizer under my makeup every morning.

Which products do you use to keep your skin looking great? Are there any products I need to know about? Let me know!

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